"Sell First - Create Later" LIVE Workshop

Join us LIVE as Neil Napier together with Steven van der Peijl show you their exact steps how to make money first and create your product later! If you are not following these steps for every new product idea - you're doing it wrong!

Discover how we made $1,489 in less then 24 hours without an actual product and

how we keep repeating this process over and over and over

"There is no better product validation then the Sell First - Create Later Strategy!"


Thursday August 31st 2017

ONE-TIME only Live event

We start at 3 PM EST (New York Time)

12:00 Pacific Time (LA)

2:00 PM CET (Chicago)

8:00 PM GMT (London)

Presented by:

Neil Naper (CEO KVsocial)


Steven van der Peijl (CTO KVsocial

You'll Discover Our 3-Step Framework

To apply the 'Sell First - Create Later' Strategy successfully every-time!

Step 1

Find out what is trending and hot in a way so you can use it!

Step 2

How to get people to pay you right NOW with just one message (use our ethical psychological triggers here)

Step 3

How to create your members area and payment link to COLLECT MONEY in less than 10 minutes.


Remember, this is a ONE-TIME call. You MUST join us LIVE on Thursday at 3pm ET. (We're also going to be giving away our checklist LIVE on air!).

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